Chihiro Fujisaki is not trans!

For a few years now, I've been reading Tumblr posts and other internet things that present Chihiro Fujisaki as a girl, or they put a trans or other gender identity flag behind him. I do not appreciate this behavior at all, even if it's just a mistake made by the people who call him trans. I've made this page to explain why you're wrong if you think he is trans.

I fail to see how most people on Tumblr or other forums that try to paint any boy that looks close to a girl as trans. If you've played the game, of which I assume most of the people on those sites don't, you'd know that he's not trans. The game explains his story, of him dressing up as a girl to avoid being bullied, and this hurt him more, but he couldn't reveal his secret because that'd cause even more bullying. He eventually understands that he should come out and say that he's a boy, before his death in the game. HOWEVER, most people on forum sites such as Tumblr have NOT played the game, or at least not enough to get to his trial, and instead resort to painting Chihiro as this trans person that isn't really trans. He's just a boy who was scared of being bullied. Fuck off about his case, he's a boy. The game states he is a boy, who dresses as a girl.

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